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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lena Pavia

Found a great shop on Etsy for those of you who enjoy dog couture. Lena Pavia on ETSY is based out of LA and has some of the best models to show off incredible millinery.

From Wikipedia: 

....Millinery refers to hats and other clothing sold by a hatter (a maker of hats) or to the profession or business of designing, making, or selling hats, dresses, and hat trim. It can also be used to refer to a type of store that sells those goods....
Why limit hatting to the human species? I am all for accessorizing Phideaux and those naughty kitties! Clearly, there is a niche market for it as per the shop profile on Etsy.

"Aside from the pieces you see here, I also have my own clothing line called L Pavia. It has grown rapidly in the last 3 years and has sold to over 200 stores. I thank you again for visiting my page and if you would like to see more of my work visit my website at"

 Well worth the look!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

You are a Bullmastiff - not a Dalmatian

Having a few dogs here and there plus a degree in Exercise Physiology, there is no escaping fitness in this house. I even make my cats exercise. I am serious. Otherwise they would be fluffy and lethargic. Though at 3AM,  I wish they were not so energetic.

So I make it a habit to run with the dogs on a regular basis. Being that Dalmatians are a breed built for running, they really seem to enjoy this. The Bullmastiff - not so much. She usually ambles along at her own pace, declaring WOE IS ME status in falling out on the ground. We never refer to her as fat. She is festively plump. Year round. And I do mean ROUND. Last weight was 101lbs. That is a small Bullmastiff. 

The irony of having a resident Bullmastiff is that they are not Dalmatians. They wish they were. In fact, if she sees a Dalmatian that is not in her pack, she immediately perks up and throws herself at them in glee. Those Dalmatians react in horror as she does kind of resemble a gargoyle. 

This girl has so fallen in love with the idea of being a "Dal" that she went as far as to develop Dalmatian related health issue. Crystals in her pee.

Last week she had blood in her urine. A trip to the vet and $300 buckaroos later - it was determined she had struvite (infectious) crystals which were causing her to bleed.

Dalmatians process purines from protein uniquely different from other breed.  From the Dalmatian Club of America:

"...The stones found in Dalmatians are often "purine" or "urate" stones.Urate stones are composed of one or several of three types of purines: 1) ammonium acid urate, 2) uric acid or 3) sodium urate. Over 90 percent of stone-forming Dalmatians produce ammonium acid urate..."

If you know of a dog you know is having urinary issues related to stones, you can visit Specialist Veterinarians for Consultation on Stone-Forming

Scroll to the bottom of the page and a listing will appear. Best of luck with your dogs and remember that the treatment for urinary issue treatment is dependent on the type of crystals and stones. Assaying the urine is the key in determining the type and the course of treatment.

So back to the Bullmastiff. She had what is referred to as struvite (infectious) related crystals. She is on antibiotics and recovering just fine. She still wishes she were a Dalmatian. I suppose we can paint her, but the curves would giver her away!